Tuesday, May 26, 2015

home making monday

Some days it is enough to sit on the porch with a cup of tea in the early morning sunlight and recover from the long weekend.

My sister came to visit from out of state and on Sunday morning we spent some time walking around the little seaside town where we grew up and enjoying the company of one another. We have not always made it a priority to set aside time for each other so it was a real treat. Saturday morning she, our mother, and myself drove about town visiting the graves of my father and my step-father and my mum's best sister-friend who passed away a few years ago. She had 7 children who all pitched in to purchase a beautiful granite bench in her memory and we stopped in to sit on that for a bit.
It is located in one of the oldest cemetery's in the country, Old Burial Hill, in Marblehead, MA, which is where I grew up. This is the view from her bench which sits inside a shady gazebo and looks out over Marblehead harbor.

I was busy in the afternoons as well. Joe's good friend/brother had a friend visiting from out of state and we spent Saturday afternoon at his house with them and Sunday afternoon at our house with them. Joe's boys were with us all weekend as well.  On Monday morning we were serenaded with bagpipes and percussion as the parade gathered for start in the lowlands just across the street. We walked up to the cemetery and watched as they honored those who have fallen for our freedom here. Each year the elementary school chooses one 6th grader to read the Gettysburg address to the crowd gathered on Memorial Day. This year it was this cute young man who was as cute as cute can be and pulled it off without a hitch.

It is not always cookin' and cleanin' that make a house a home.




Monday: Steak tips, rice, home made creamed corn
Tuesday:White chicken chili, Salad, cornbread
Wednesday:Honey butter pork tenderloin, rice, broccoli
Thursday: Meatloaf, green beans, baked potato
Friday: Creamy chicken and broccoli
Saturday: cowboy beans with sausage, corn on the cob
Sunday: Roast chicken, boiled new potatoes with green beans



  1. What a lovely view from the bench. I hope you and your sister and mama find time to get together again soon. What a treasure to still have your mama. I miss mine. She joined Jesus back in July of '99.
    Another century.
    Two more grandchildren have been born to her since and two great-grand children.
    I regret they shall never know her in this life.

    Thanks for visiting Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. I would sit there often if I lived close. Beautiful. What a sweet weekend, full of family, tradition, honor, and respect. I love to read stories like this .