Monday, May 18, 2015

homemaking monday

When Joe and I first moved here to our home on this rather tiny island I set up housekeeping with new curtains in the living room and kitchen and bath.  When it came to the dining and bedroom though, we ran a bit short of cash. So....I used valances that I had used in a bedroom about 10 years ago. I never really liked them though...they seemed more bedroom-ish than dining room-ish.
I've spent the past two and half years searching the charity shops for something
better but, because we have three big windows in the dining room, I have never had any luck. Also, though it doesn't show in the picture, we have a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean across the street. So I didn't want anything that would block our view. 
Saturday morning I went to the bi-annual rummage sale at a local church and found the perfect solution! Three curtains that fit my windows perfectly! For $5.00!!

this is one of the windows with the new curtains up. 

here is the view from our dining room window

We are socked in with fog today so the water looks rather silvery

I also found curtains for our bedroom which I will show you another time. 

the art of homemaking monday


  1. What a lovely home, lovely view and lovely deal on the curtains! :) Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Oh my, look at your view! That is something special. Glad you found curtains you love. Sometimes we just have to wait until the right thing comes along.

  3. Oh, this is SO beautiful! So grateful you stopped by my blog and left such sweet encouragement behind. It was wonderful to "meet" you! God bless you!!

  4. What a great gift for your patience! They are beautiful and make your home even more lovely.


  5. What a great blessing after waiting and looking to find such beautiful curtains for only $5.00. God so cares about the small as well as the big things in our lives. You have a fantastic view too. thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings