Friday, May 15, 2015

this is the day

For Today...15 May, 2015
Outside my window...
in the gloaming

light is shimmering off the ocean

pink and orange ribbons over the sea
I am thinking...about what i need to get ready for tomorrow morning
I am thankful...for the blessings of this beautiful place where we live

I am leggings and a long purple tunic

I have my Lolly navy sweater/throw on as well -it's chilly

I am for growth

tomorrow I am paint the legs of the table that Joe built
I am to make everything work
I am reading...1000 blessings

I am hoping...that the weather will change soon. I am ready for warmer days
I am learning...that Yahweh made everything circular
In my garden...My daughters gave me a beautiful tipsy planter

for mother's day  and I have filled it with the herbs and violas they included

and added a few other flowers as well

it looks so cute out on the porch

In my kitchen...Joe made bacon and mushroom omelets this morning

so we had BLTs for lunch

A favorite quote for today...

"Hello Cowgirl in the sand
is this place at your command
can i stay here for a while
can i see your sweet, sweet smile
old enough now....."

A peek into one of my was rather a lazy day. I spent much of it out on the porch. We had a hairy/downy woodpecker at the feeder this afternoon! Also, grackles and hundreds of little sparrows, and cardinals. Last week Joe and I saw a hawk swooping past the porch and through the park!

One of my favorite things...end of day in the gloaming

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