Thursday, May 21, 2015

wabi -sabi treasures

i gave her 
a heart shaped piece of sea glass
and purple, and pink, and cobalt blue
and bright yellow goldfinch feathers
from a pile an old owl had left on a wooded path
i walked down one afternoon last fall
she gave me 
aqua sea glass that had been melted in a beach fire 
one night long ago
and swept away into the waves of the next high tide
tossed and turned about
and left all melted and bumpy 
on the shore she was treasure hunting
and a fairy table
and an peach pit washed clean by the sea
once she was my little girl-child
tottering down the path and across the sand
her sweet little hands and tiny fingers
would pick up a pebble or a bit of seashell, or a curvy stick
and stop and turn to me
~look mama, look what I found for you~
diamonds, and rubies, and opals, and pearls
are dust beneath my feet
so I take the peach pit from her grown woman's graceful hands 
and long slender fingers
and I place it on the fairy table in the kitchen window
and every morning see it there 
wabi-sabi glistening 
in the morning sunlight


  1. This is beautiful!! I love the images it brings to my mind! Thanks for sharing! - Visiting From Bonnie's